Information to confirm my professional credibility

I’m a creative Producer with 15 years experience in mixed media content production, studio management and client service. I’ve worked with boutique agencies, production studios, worldwide agency groups and global brands in Australia and the UK.
I have a passion for all forms of visual craft and love working in different disciplines, these include: motion, stills, print, editing, animation, vfx, design and sound.
As a studio lead, I can manage teams and projects providing guidance and structure. But I can make the transition to a Director/Producer on individual projects which require a specific, creative touch.
Balance is key in my role. I ensure that all invested parties needs are met. From the client, to a photographer or an animator. Its my hands on experience in production practices that enables perfect harmony for project success, sustainability and profit.
At home I love to draw and paint stuff, interview directors on my blog 'Music Video Theory' and embarrass my daughter on Instagram.

Work History

Senior Freelance Producer at Cub Films: Oct - Dec 2020Senior Freelance Producer at Shotbox Films: Sept 2020Senior Freelance Producer at Symmetry Media: Sept - Nov 2019Senior Freelance Producer at Redboat: Jan - July 2019Senior Freelance Producer at Hogarth Australia: June - Nov 2018Senior Freelance Producer at Y&R Sydney: April - May 2018Head of Production at The Operators Creative London: 2016 - 2018Producer at PostBox studios and ShotBox films: 2013 - 2015Producer at More Sauce: 2010 - 2013Freelance Producer: 2009 - 2010Producer at Massive Interactive: 2004 - 2009Production Assistant at WYSIWYG Design: 1998 - 2000


Motion & Stills: Directing, producing, production documentation, finance, scheduling, logistics, safety and traffic planning, casting, location scouting, resource booking, on set management.
Post-Production: Studio management, resource booking, project scheduling,Post-production pipeline management: Design, Retouching, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Stop-motion, 3D Modelling, CGI/VFX animation and Audio.Delivery/despatch spec processes for digital and broadcast.
Technical: Creative writing, illustration/storyboarding, Photoshop (good)video editing (good), photography and lighting (good), sound recording (good), first aid, white card (OHS) and yellow card (traffic control). Microsoft office, Google docs, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Video encoding, Basic HTML, Wordpress, CMS platforms, Critrix/BCC/Spectra and project management systems.
Agency: Client management, pitching, proposal/deck documentation, SOW documentation, contracts, finance and stakeholder reporting.


AFTRS Cert Production Budgeting & Accounting, Cert Creative WritingTAFE NSW Diploma Film & TV Production, Cert in Film Production Design, Cert in Office Skills